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Male Hybrid Ripped (MHR)

General Information:

Male Hybrid Ripped (MHR) is an oral anabolic product with appetite suppressing abilities, intended for medium to long-term use and that boasts a very low side effect profile. The DHT-derived AAS drugs in the proprietary blend, work synergistically to render fair lean mass accrual with minimal insult to one’s system. This product is aimed for use in individuals who do not want to engage into using formal androgenic-anabolic injectable cycles, or those wanting to compete in the fairly new Male Physique line ups, or those individuals who just want to get lean for the summer holidays. MHR definitely suits the group of individuals who wants to build “some lean muscle and get lean”, but who are needle-shy.

The oral DHT-derived drugs all have a tendency to be more anabolic than androgenic in effect – one may thus expect of MHR to render fair amounts of lean mass gain, without the usual water retention and aggression that go along with the two other main AAS drug groups. When an individual uses fairly mild oral AAS drugs like the blend of mild DHT-derived drugs in MHR, very little suppression, if any at all, takes place on the brain-testicular axis. The proprietary blend in MHR falls into the category of oral AAS drugs that will not need rehabilitation of the brain-testicular axis through the use of PCT protocols. It is specifically this attribute of MHR that makes it a well-suited product to use during the first few weeks after the cessation of an injectable AAS drug cycle or even in the first few post-competition weeks, where lean mass accrual should be maintained and unnecessary bloat should be prevented. In such cases, MHR can even be used as part of the PCT protocol.

MHR can be used in certain female populations – those looking at attaining appetite suppression along with lean mass gains or maintenance thereof, specifically women competing in the Body Fitness Divisions, or the more muscular Physique Divisions. 

Ingredients of Proprietary Blend:

MHR is a proprietary blend consisting of three DHT-derived AAS drugs having a synergistically anabolic effect, in combination with a herbal mixture of five different herbs having an appetite suppressing effect.


MHR is suited:

  • For the use in individuals who do not want to engage in the use of formal AAS injectable drug cycles, but who still want to achieve a fair amount of lean mass accrual.
  • For the use in individuals who seek appetite suppression and lean mass accrual, along with the lean-looking physique for the summer months.
  • For use in body builders after the cessation of their injectable AAS bulk cycles, as a bridge during the period of injectable drug elimination, in order to maintain lean mass accrual.
  • For the use in Male Fitness and Body Builder competitors during the first few weeks post-competition when lean mass accrual should be maintained and excessive appetite should be controlled.
  • For the use as a low dose anabolic “bridge” as part of PCT protocols, or in between injectable AAS cycles.
  • For the use in Men’s Physique Division athletes.
  • For the use in certain population competitive female athletes, such as Body Fitness Division or more muscular Female Physique Division.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the product, or to the gelatin content of the capsule itself. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. MHR should not be used in individuals suffering from uncontrolled medical conditions such as, but not limited to hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure or established liver disease. Concomitant use of blood thinning medications such as Coumarin, is a relative contra indication. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption when using MHR.


DO NOT at any time use this product while pregnant or breast feeding. This product should not be used in individuals suffering from poorly controlled chronic medical conditions – in such cases the concomitant use of MHR along with other chronic medications, should be under medical supervision and regular health follow ups.

MHR contains a combination of DHT-derived AAS drugs – these will render adverse analytical findings in WADA approved drug testing in sport, for as long as MHR is being actively used, as well as for the period after cessation of use while the active metabolites of MHR still have to clear the individual’s system.

Dosage and Directions for use:

Take one capsule in the mornings with or without food. Take second capsule about 8-10 hours later, preferably one hour before weight training sessions in the late afternoon. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This product can be used continuously for extended periods of time, as long as the user has his or her blood pressure and liver enzymes regularly monitored. 

Side Effects and Special Precautions:

Always consult a physician before using any dietary supplementation. Androgenic-Anabolic Steroid associated side effects typical of the DHT-derived drugs may be expected when using MHR. Although these side effects may be very limited in occurrence and mild in severity, they may include male pattern baldness, varying degrees of acne, oily skin, increased libido, increased aggression, raised blood pressure, stiffness of joints and elevated liver enzymes. The herbal ingredients may cause varying degrees of dyspepsia in sensitive individuals, especially when taken on an empty stomach. 

Drug Interactions:

Concomitant use of the Coumarin anti-coagulant (blood thinning) medications – this may increase plasma levels of the active ingredients of MHR, as well as the herbal content of MHR may reduce the efficacy of the Coumarin (Warfarin). Concomitant use of Proton Pump Inhibitors (anti-acid medications for heartburn and stomach ulcers) may decrease the absorption of the active ingredients in MHR.


Male Hybrid Ripped

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place with bottle lid sealed at all times when not in use. Keep out of the reach of children.




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