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MT2, Melanotan II (Afamelanotide)

Trade Names: MT2, Melanotan
Chemical Names: Afamelanotide
Routes: Subcutaneous Injection

Melanotan II (MT2) was first synthesized at the University of Arizona. Melanotan II is a drug originally developed as a skin tanning agent, but subsequently investigated as a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction. To date there is no medically approved drug that contains the Melanotan II peptide, instead all available products are from underground labs and there is a high risk of buying counterfeit or contaminated products.

Even though the only Melanotan II products available to the general public are unlicensed and unregulated drugs, thousands of people use it daily. A number of health and drug control agencies around the world issued warnings to the potential of health risks associated with untested medications. Regardless of all the warnings the popularity of MT2 seems to be on the increase. One obvious reason for the popularity of MT2 is that it actually works and results are noticed fairly quickly. Another cause for the thriving trade of MT2 is that it’s not illegal to buy, import or use in most countries.

Since there’s no commercial product available no official guideline has yet been established on the correct usage of this peptide. However through trial and error and experimentation the MT2 community developed a variety of protocols. The most popular and effective protocols are those that make use of a “loading” phase followed by a “maintenance” phase.

The loading phase is normally limited to about 7 to 10 days and in this time dosages of 0.5 to 1mg are injected subcutaneously daily. Near the end of this phase one or two tanning sessions are taken so that the tanning process can be kick started. It’s very important to expose all parts of the body to equal amounts of sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. This is to allow for a uniform tan and to limit chances of dark or lighter spots. Results are rapid and care should be taken not to overdo it as that will result in an abnormally dark appearance.

The purpose of the maintenance phase is to prolong the period for which the tanned skin is required. Usually a dose of 0.5mg is taken twice per week. This might be altered depending on how the person reacts. If the tan is getting lighter the dosage might be increased or the period between injections shortened. If the tan is getting too dark the dosage can be lowered or the injection frequency decreased.

A number of initial side-effects can be expected when first using MT2, this is due to the structure of the molecule not mimicking that of natural human a-MSH (alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone) hormone. The body’s immune system will recognize it as being foreign and thus an allergic response is likely to occur.

The severity of the allergic reaction differs from person to person and the usual side-effects are wheezing, sneezing, congestion, facial flushing and nausea. In the extreme case, anaphylactic shock is a possibility. This is a life-threatening condition characterized by swelling of body tissues, including the throat and hands, headache, uncontrollable itching, constriction of the airways and gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, and a sudden drop in blood pressure. Since most of these dangers stem from the release of the amino acid derivative, histamine, by cells of the immune system, it is suggested that some form of anti-histamine be used as a preventive for those people who are especially sensitive to taking MT2. Just as well, much lower concentrations of the injected drug would also lessen the side-effects.

The lyophilized powder may be stored at 4 C for short-term only. If you reconstitute to nominal volume and store at -20 C, the reconstituted product should be stable for 24 months. Best long-term storage solution is to store in lyophilized powder form at -20C. The reconstituted solution is best injected with an insulin syringe.