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TOPIC: Upcoming cycle and bloodwork to be done this week

Upcoming cycle and bloodwork to be done this week 26 Jul 2020 15:28 #223029

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Hey guys

I’m keen to go on a cycle and wanted to know your thoughts.

I’m going this week to lancet to check my blood and will post the results here to check where my test levels are on my current TRT regiment and see if my iron levels have increased at all from supplementation and to check if my RBC is at a good level after donating a month back. Will post the results.

As for the cycle I was thinking of something basic like bumping my test and adding Tbol.

Week 1 - 12 Test E (PGW) at 300mg/week
Week 1 - 6 Tbol at 30mg a day thinking of either LP or EU or UPA, not sure yet

That’s it, nothing crazy. Not trying to blow up, just want slow steady lean gains. Any critique on the compounds and use thereof?

I posted last week that I’m trying proviron for the first time while on TRT and that it gave me headaches and made me feel strange (sort of light headed) hard to explain. I took 3 days off and feeling normal again. Will up the dose from 20mg a day to 40mg a day this week and try it again for a while and see what happens.

Planning on going on cycle early to mid August so no rush.

Let me know what you guys think as I have never used Tbol before and don’t know how I will react. Also first time using test E. Only compounds I have ever used before was Test Cyp, Dbol (pink 5mg tabs), Anadrol years back (green giants) and Deca. Never used anything else.

My stats again as of today:
Age 38
Height 187
Weight 109kg
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Upcoming cycle and bloodwork to be done this week 27 Jul 2020 01:15 #223030

  • SamZ4000
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cycle looks good to go, I'm also planning a similar cycle like this,

first time using pgw teste300 prepare for the sting :P pip will get you for about 2-3days +-

then pct 2 there after. Also have arimidex on hand just in case of estrogen sides.

Hope your diet is in check

Keep us posted!
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