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TOPIC: INJURIES - Sprained Ankle

INJURIES - Sprained Ankle 23 Dec 2011 09:42 #86160

  • supaN00b
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Hey everyone.....

I sprained my ankle pretty badly about 3 months ago... long story short - alcohol and a pavement were involved. It healed pretty well, but I still get pain (like broken bones pain on the top of my foot) the day after I train legs.

I stretch out my achilles and hamstrings every day before I get out of bed, makes things a lil easier.

Does anyone have any tips or training methods to strengthen the top of my foot and the inside of my ankle?

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INJURIES - Sprained Ankle 29 Feb 2012 14:48 #95061

  • Bench86
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I have chronic problems with my shins, and saw a physio for about 3 months last year. It's not the same problem that you're having, but I think the excercises she gave me should help you. It especially helps with balancing muscles and concentric movement.

1. Balance yourself on one leg for 30 sec - 1 min at a time. (easy)
2. Same as above, but have someone throw a ball to you in different spots, all the time keeping your balance. (harder)
3. Balance yourself on one leg for 30 sec - 1 min at a time with your eyes closed. (very hard)
4. Repeat the above excercises on an unstable surface like a foam mattress or those excercise balls. (hardest)

You can also do calve raises, but without weight at first. Concentrate on your movement downward (concentric) and back up (eccentric), and don't allow your foot to cave in. You can have a someone check from the back whether you keep form. Do this VERY slow for about 20 reps at a time.

All in all I'd recommend you go to a physio. I tried getting my shins right myself (anti-inflammatory gels and pills, rest etc.), but only once I got the physio to give me precise excercises and also some therapy (massaging, ultrasound, infrared etc.), my shins got better.

Hope this helps!
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INJURIES - Sprained Ankle 29 Feb 2012 14:53 #95063

  • spike
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The ligaments you damaged in the strain will be weakened and scarred. This is why proper rehab after an injury is so important. A physio or chiro can help break down the scar tissue and assist with exercises to strengthe and mobilise the ankle. A chiropractor can also assess the joints of the ankle for any problems or fixations within the joint itself and restore mobility to the joint.

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