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TOPIC: Tren Bulk

Tren Bulk 24 Apr 2021 11:53 #225064

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Hi All

I’m looking for some advice again, and I really do trust this platform, regardless of criticism that sometimes does come with it, I take it as constructive.

Latests Stats
Age : 28
Gender : Male
Height : 1.78
Weight : +/- 85kg’s
Bf - Currently 11%
Cycles to date : +/- 5 (Test,dols. Deca Test Maestron dbols. Test Anavar, etc)

I have had much success with a few cycles in the past and a member of this Forum, Empire gave me some useful advice by saying less is more. So my dosages have always been very acceptable and have run the cycle from 12-16 weeks. Have never had problems coming off, and Pct has always been followed with Clomid, then Nolva and Hcgs with Aromisan.

I am preparing another Bulking cycle as I have No difficulty at all when it comes to cutting, and my body tends to do that with jus an adequate dose of Anavar and a clean diet

My diet currently consists of around 3500calories from good sources (Not takeouts and shiz)

I would like to know the feel of the members regarding this cycle as I am a little nervous to try this, but have read some phenomenal articles about it, I am one to do extensive research before purchasing my gear.

I intent to try Trenbolone as my age now allows me to .

Week 1 - 10 - Tren E @ 300mg’s / week ( 1ml twice a week)

Week 1 - 5 Test Cyp (Depo Test by Phizer) @ 400mgs

Week 6-12 Test Cyp (Dep Test) @ 600mgs

Week 1 - 2 Anapolan @50mgsED

Week 3-4 Anapolan @ 100mgsED

Have on hand Letro, Clomid, Nolva, Hcgs, and Caber

My questions.... Is my Test dosage sufficient for week 1-5 or should I stick with a 500-600mgs dosage throughout?
The use of Epistane or Proviron which I have access to??
The use of Hcgs while on cycle ?? (I’m not inclined to this)

Not too worried about using Tren E as opposed to Ace because I do tolerate sides very well and think it won’t be a problem, the reason I chose Tren E over Ace is due to Tren cough and frequent injections are difficult for me. I rather pin twice a week than EOD.

Last Question, I have probably experienced the best gains when using Sustanon in the past, would this be recommended over the Depo test Cyp ? I don’t often hear of people using Sust and Tren together, rather Tren and test P or Test cyp or even Test E.

Appreciate the Advice ????????
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Tren Bulk 24 Apr 2021 18:28 #225066

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You do not need a lot of test if you are going to use 300mg/Tren E at your size. Tren is 3-4 times more potent than Test. I don't see any worthwhile benefit by increasing your test over 400mg.

I use a lot of tren but I use low doses these days as it really is powerful. I haven't gone over 150mg a week in a couple of years and can maintain the same physique and strength with low doses as on 300mg+, but without getting overly aggressive and having my BP go crazy.

You've got enough experience to try out 300mg/week but consider doing 200mg (1ml of PGW Tren E is very strong)

Sust vs Test Cyp makes no difference at all to gains. Testosterone is testosterone. The cyp or combo of different test ester in Sust just affects release times into your blood stream. The brand you choose is far more important.

Tren is more suppressive on your natural testosterone recovery post cycle than any other steroid. Expect to take an extra month at least to get back to normal. Do a full PCT 3 and preferably run the nolvadex an extra 2 weeks or so.
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Tren Bulk 07 May 2021 06:15 #225135

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Hope you are doing well bro

Just my 2 cents, if you are considering to use Tren I would try Tren Ace first to see how your body reacts considering it's your first go at Tren, sure pinning EOD is not easy but if you have severe sides, then jumping off it will be easier due to short HL, on E you might not like riding it out. Besides after 6 weeks on either ester you will feel the full force.

WRT to bulking here's a couple of pointers I personally enjoy.
Sust and Deca - always a good choice, great strength gains, minimal sides and excellent gains if your cab and protein intake is spot on - I usually aim for 500g/1000g aiming for 130kg, stay away from fatty stuff.
Dose 500mg to 600mg Test and Deca - get ready for a long bridge and PCT
Tren E and Testen 300 - muscle and strength gains are ridiculous can't even compare it to Deca and Sust, you get cut while you bulk wtf.
Yeah Tren cough no fun hey, watch out when pinning in your delts. Sometimes its gonna catch you yet sometimes its like Eskom - you wonder when the load shedding will kick in...
I have used Tren Ace, Test Prop, Masteron Prop as a start to see how things go and then bump up to the Enanthates and ride it for +- 20weeks. Not sure if others will condone such behavior but I'm still ok. Have even switched from Sust and Deca to Tren E, Test E. Make sure you have AIs and Caber - As MA said PCT3.

Having said that, Tren is no joke and you have no idea how it can effect you phycologically, make sure you are head strong and calm.
I am generally a relaxed guy but Tren tends to give me vivid dreams that are uncomfortable to say the least.
If you keep doing what you've been doing
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