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TOPIC: Blood pressure concerns

Blood pressure concerns 09 Apr 2021 13:42 #224997

  • TheYates
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I am 49 and in good health. I have been lifting for 31 years. Carry good muscle size, 20inch arms, decent back and chest, worn-out but solid shoulders and legs who have seen enough muscle and tendon tears but keeps going. BW fluctuates between 135 and 125, usually driven by diet as I am one that should stay low on the carb side. Train 6 days pw – cardio 10 to 15 mins rowing, only other cardio at my age is the 4+ romps with my young wife pw.

I have been on TRT for 7 years and my bloods were done last year, all good. My TRT consists of at least 500mg test pw (some weeks I drop it to 250mg), 20mg Proviron daily, RAD140. I also take a Cialis 20 every second day.

I have always been concerned about BP and if measured correctly (with proper sleeve) last year, it was 130/85. It usually picks up if my weight goes beyond 130, or when I OD on preworkout and Monster.

I recently added Yohimbine HCL 5mg to my empty-stomach weight loss regiment; it also helps with romps – sometimes 4 pw become 3 pd. Obviously I am aware of the usual Yohimbine side effects, sweating from your arse, goose bumps, salivating and runny nose which is super sexy when romping, also slight tremors. 1st few days were hectic and I cut the dosage to 2.5mg which is more bearable.

I am still concerned about BP though and my own sleeve is a normal sleeve which gives readings between 160/110 and 130/90 depending on whether I bat my eyes or pick my nose – very much all over the show.

Would like some views on addressing my concerns, which I want to correct as follows:
Donating once every 2 months.
Perhaps dropping the preworkout as the creatine usually only makes me heavier and the BA and Caffeine and AAKG I can supplement separately, or just have beetroot and proper strong filter coffee.
Cutting Monster energy drinks…
Herbal formulas – Pressure Ease I believe works.
Dropping the BW to below 130.

Any other ideas or should I rather get carstrated and take up ballet?
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Blood pressure concerns 09 Apr 2021 17:17 #224998

  • MPhilosopher
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Good fucking read lmao.

500mg test per week? Why such a high dose, almost everyone should maintain a pretty crazy physique at 250mg.
I would look at this before dropping weight, why isn't it an option on your list lol

This is not TRT, are you willing to accept the risks that come with such a protocol?
I can't answer that for you, but keep in mind TRT is about health at the end of the day.
500mg is not about health, and comes with risks.

Hematocrit and hemoglobin, I presume are high hence the phlebotomy?

Also why waste time on RAD?
This is not well researched and has no place in anything with the word "therapy" in it.
If this is TRT, more proviron makes sense.
50-100mg mesterolone.

In terms of performance in gym, I would assume 250-300mg test vs 500mg Test + beta blocker.
I would bet on the former.
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Blood pressure concerns 11 Apr 2021 12:56 #225001

  • Empire
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your true trt dose is between 0.5 to 1.2mg per kg of LBM for true medical TRT.

Bodybuilder trt is between 2mg and 3mg per kg of LBM.

so number 1 I would drop your test dosing to 2mg per KG of LBM. 500mg is a cycle.

your first port of call is getting your Bodyweight lower, take your cialis every day at 5mg, 10mg max.

drop the yohimbine and all monsters and pre-workouts as this is a stimulant and is going to push up BP.

next is to get onto what is called zomavek, which is a blood pressure med that falls under the ARB section of blood pressure meds which has also been shown to drop hematocrit and hemoglobin levels, You can start with co-zomavek which has a low dose diuretic in it, 12.5mg of HCTZ, which should drop your bp down to normal ranges.

your body fat levels will also play a major role in your amount of water retention which is going to fuel your blood pressure issues. set your calories at this stage at 30KCAL per kg of LBM. at 125 I am going to probably go to say you are going to be at 18% body fat, so I would put you at 100kgs LBM.So the diet should be roughly 2g to 2.5g of protein per kg, at this stage, i would say set protein at 2.5g per KG LBM so 250g of protein per day. fat I would say to be at 1.1g per kg of LBM and then balance from carbs.

so 250g protein 110g fat which gives you 1990KCal - from your 3000 gives you 1010kcal so roughly 250g of carbs. this is just for the time being to get your blood pressure under control, drop some fat and water and start getting your health in order.

do this for 6 to 8 weeks, and report back and you BP should be well within normal range.
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Blood pressure concerns 12 Apr 2021 18:52 #225017

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Following what Empire says keep in mind that dropping from 500mg/week to 200mg/week is going to feel rough for a while after being on that dose for so long. You could feel the same symptoms as if you had low T for a couple of months while your body adjusts Like lower energy levels and motivation, lower libido. Very common.

At 49 you really can not stay on over 200mg/week long term if you don't want to shorten your life. That blood pressure is going to slowly cause irreversable damage your kidneys and blood vessels. What you can at least do is give blood every 6 weeks to lower your haematocrit and BP a bitif you want to stay on the higher end of acceptable TRT doses.
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Blood pressure concerns 09 Jun 2021 23:26 #225394

  • Pyroclasm
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If your BP cuff is known to give bad readings just toss it cause no reading can be trusted. I just want to make sure here, basically you have been on 500mg Test for 7 years barring the odd week or two on 250mg? What signs have you had of high BP that make you worry? Have you had any trustworthy BP readings? Have you been examined/tested for tumors or growths?
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