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Trade name: Cardarine
Chemical composition: GW-501516
Dosage: 5mg per tablet
Unit size: 56 tablets per box
Manufacturer: EU Pharmaceuticals

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Manufacturer's Description:

Cardarine or by its chemical name GW 501516 is the fat burning and endurance product. It is not actually a SARM but is a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor delta Receptor Agonist (PPARδ RA) that is grouped with SARM’s.   Cardarine can be used as a fat burner as well as an endurance booster. Cardarine has also been known to increase muscle strength. 

Cardarine is not a suitable for bulking, and is best integrated into a cutting cycle.

Cardarine binds to the PPARδ receptor, specifically a group of nuclear receptors (sensors that detect thyroid and steroidal hormones in the body) that initiates the PGC-1a enzyme. This action leads to gene expression, specifically genes that revolve around energy expenditure.

Health benefits of Cardarine have been shown in the following areas

  • Increased Metabolism, as well as improve resistance to obesity through poor diet.
  • Improved HDL (good cholesterol) and a decrease LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Reduced inflammation in the body, it is thought that it its endurance benefits come from the improved muscle and heart functioning.
  • Protection of the brain through triggering PPAR

Why we love it!

In various studies Cardarine has been shown to decrease stress on your body and decrease inflammation. Tests have also shown that it can help prevent diabetes.

What to Expect

  • Insane fat burning properties
  • increase in lean muscle density
  • improved endurance
  • improved lung function
  • faster recovery.

Cardarine is the one product you can stack with pretty much anything, whether it is an AAS or another SARM. It will greatly enhance the effect of your cycle and should be consider as a staple for any cutting cycle.

Side Affects

Cardarine has no reported side effects.  While some lab tests have shown increase in cancer rates in mice, the dosages were in excess of 1000 (thousand times) recommended dosages.  

Other tests have shown Cardarine to reduce tumours. So the results are inconclusive. What we do know is that at the recommended dosages the benefits are tremendous.


As with all recommended dosages we err on the side of caution, you can increase dosage to 3 or 4 tablets per day, however below is our recommended guidelines

  • Male athletes 2 tablets once per day
  • Female athletes ½ - 1 tablet per day
  • Cycle is 6 weeks in duration with a 2 week off cycle.