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Letrozole 2.5

Letrozole 2.5

Trade name: Letrozole 2.5
Chemical composition: Letrozole
Dosage: 2.5mg per tablet
Unit size: 28 tablets per box
Manufacturer: EU Pharmaceuticals

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Manufacturer's Description:

Letrozole 2.5 has been shown to have the capability of reducing the level of estrogen in users' bodies by up to 96-98%. Letrozole 2.5 also has been shown to increase the amount of lutenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and sex hormone binding globulin in users. When you combine these attributes, with the fact that it will help protect against gynocomastia, water retention and other estrogenic side effects; Letrozole 2.5 obviously can fulfill many users' needs. 

There are some animal studies that have suggested that Letrozole 2.5 can help to reduce or even eliminate pre-existing gynocomastia as well.

Interestingly, it takes approximately 60 days to get a steady blood plasma level of Letrozole 2.5 once administration of the drug begins. This may necessitate that a user begin using the compound before beginning their cycle if they wish for the effects to be at full strength once their cycle begins. This may also hinder the ability of the compound to respond quickly if a user begins administration of the drug to counteract some side effects that have appeared quickly. 


The maximum dosage that a user would want to use would be 2.5mgs per day. It has been shown in numerous studies that this dosage will eliminate nearly all of the estrogen in the body in nearly all individuals. Any dose that is higher than this would simply be unneeded. 

Despite the ability to increase the amount of lutenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and sex hormone binding globulin in users Letrozole 2.5 can be counterproductive if used during post-cycle therapy (PCT). This is due to the ability of the compound to drive estrogen levels too low during use. Once the compound is discontinued this can result in a "rebound effect" in estrogen levels with these becoming quite high, something that should be avoided during or after post-cycle therapy. Arimedex 01 could be seen as an alternative to Letrozole 2.5 in this capacity as it seemingly does not have such a potent effect. The detrimental effect that Letrozole 2.5 has on blood lipid levels is another reason why many will avoid it's use during post-cycle therapy, and this is discussed below.