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Revezine 10

Revezine 10

Trade name: Revezine 10
Chemical composition: Yohimbine HCL
Dosage: 10mg per ml
Unit size: 10ml per vial
Manufacturer: Nova Labs

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Manufacturer's Description:

Revenzine 10 - Yohimbine hcl binds to A2 receptors and blocks Norepinephrine and other A2 agonist including estrogen from binding to, and antagonizing it which inhibits the release of fatty acids. It allows for fatty acids to be burned, hence the stubborn fat will be lost. Yohimbine hcl speeds up the metabolism and provoke a chemical reaction that change fat cells into fatty acids which will slip through cell membranes and into the bloodstream to be burned. If you don’t burn the freed fatty acids through a firm aerobic workout your body will store them again in fatty deposits.

Side effects which may occur are loss of appetite, tremors, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, nausea, excessive sweating, diarrhea and it is also possible to experience other complications due to the weight, or body fat percentage loss that results from use.