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Pharma Test 100 Oil Base

Pharma Test 100 Oil Base ampoules Pharma Test 100 Oil Base vial

Trade name: Pharma Test 100 Oil Base
Chemical composition: Testosterone Base
Dosage: 100mg per ml
Unit size: 10ml per vial or 10 ampoules
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

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Manufacturer's Description:

This form is similar to PHARMA TEST 100. It is also ester-free and used as a pre-workout stimulant. The only difference from PHARMA TEST 100 consist in the carrier: here we use grape seed oil (as in all our injectable products) instead of the water suspension. Due to this reason the effect of the oil based PHARMA TEST 100 can be a bit prolonged as compared to the original PHARMA TEST 100, but not by much.